The Impacting

Who we are


We are an operational investment and management company. 

Since our establishment in 2007, we have developed numerous successful investments, both strategically and value-based, and have assumed responsibility for challenging management undertakings. Consultancy for owners and top management in advisory boards or committees completes our range of services.

Discretion as well as common values such as family-based tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, professionalism and trust ensure successful collaboration.

Our experience is drawn from complex situations in a variety of industries in regional, international and global contexts. Our track record on leading different-sized companies sets us apart from the rest and results in extensive management know-how and branch experience.

Our wide partner network covers investors, management capacity and experts for highly specialised issues. Our entrepreneurial approach and independence allows for flexible profit-sharing and low-tax models in all areas. 

We create growth, internationalisation, realise Buy and Build or take responsibility for special succession situations. Preservation and creation of jobs within an organisation is central to our philosophy. Time and time again, we realise substantial appreciation in difficult strategic or financial situations, often providing financing ourselves.